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Humans of Broadway

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

"The fans were so adamant about Annabeth being blonde, and it seems like a tiny detail, but what Rick Riordan does in all his books is that he takes what you think someone is and turns it on its head. The first description of Annabeth you get it through Percy kind of in a haze, noticing that she has blonde curly hair and looks like this princess. So you begin to imagine what you think a blonde princess should be like and then you see who Annabeth really is, which is a badass. She's everything you wouldn't think a girly girl should be, she's super strong, super smart, and super tough. She dives headfirst into any problem no matter what, even if she's scared. I love Annabeth and I really identify with her."- Kristin Stokes, Annabeth in The Lightning Thief


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